Wagmi Beer Lab

NFT Crypto Beer Branding — Metaverse Ready


WAGMI (We’re All Gonna Make It) BEER LAB is a brewery bridging Web3 and the physical. Their first batch, the Hero Beer, will be available in 1,500 versions as an NFT and as real beer, aiming to open the discussion around crypto, art, and life, in both physical and virtual worlds. The Wagmi is the first digital beer with Real Life Twins. Coast has envisioned the full brand experience : from creating the brand design to the full NFT collection.

A Crypto Beer Branding, NFT’s and physical products for the best of both worlds

Wagmi Beer Lab is a beer brand. Brewing their beers in Belgium, the homeland of beer creation, Wagmi Beer Lab aims to leverage cans as a tool to onboard new people to web3. Wagmi Beer Lab also proposes a collection of 1,500 NFT’s of their Hero Beer online, making bridges to the real world with their first batch of their New England IPA. We at Coast have created a cross-world look and feel and identity to merge virtual and real as one.

The NFT brand look and feel is a wink to the origins of computer gaming with the use of an historical bitmapped typeface and radical logo. We've also created a “W” pattern system applied to all NFT versions of the beer to secure 1,500 originals NFT's within the family. At the same time, the design system is applied on physical products. Full launch Autumn 2022

Introduced at NFT.NYC in Manhattan, the brand aims to target key players in the web3 community in its inaugural phase. In the physical launch phase, forecasted in autumn 2022, the 6.2% New England Ipa will be made available to purchase online.

Wagmi Beer Lab will extend its presence online and offline by proposing community gifts, special packaging & delivery as well as limited editions. Virtual events on The Sandbox are also in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

Get your own

Be part of the community. Check online at wagmibeerlab.xyz, apply fort he allow list in order to get your unique NFT and access to the world of Wagmi Beer Lab.

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