United Fashion

Branding for european fashion association

Sector — Fashion & Accessorises

United Fashion is carried out by a cluster of European fashion support associations, and initiated by MAD Brussels Fashion and Design Platform. They aim at enhancing the culture of fashion designers across Europe to be more business minded and at enhancing their competitiveness internationally, without limiting their creativity. Our work was to brand them.

United Fashion flexible platform

Through a number of international network events and transdisciplinary training workshop, more than 150 fashion designers will have the opportunity to participate by showcasing their collection, getting to know and understand several European markets, developing new skills in fashion tech, sustainable fashion, production, craftsmanship, business models.

The design of our proposition was all about fashion as a language of expression. Adapted to multiple audiences and using strong typographics to express urgency.

The website adresses news, informations, issues about european fashion today. Part information & statement, the platform is straighforward and independant.

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