Brussels by Light

Photographic exhibition

Exhibition design on architecture, photography at The Halles Saint Gery. Featuring amateur artists as well as professional photographers, the exhibition is about pictures taken in Brussels by night. Devised on the concept of the photographic roll out film, we designed the exhibit as a one liner continuous progression in the space.

At the halles Saint Gery

This 1881 neo-Renaissance brick-and-wrought-iron meat market was built around a curious pyramidal monument-fountain. The monument marks ‘kilometre zero’ – the point from which all distances in Belgium are measured. The market lay derelict for much of the 1980s, but has since been beautifully renovated and is now a combined bar-café, club and exhibition space.

A concept merging the exhibition subject and the location architectural limitations.

Build as a cast iron open space with columns, we took the opportunity to play with the space to create an original layout. Using the columns as pillars, we stretched one single printed sheet of plastic across the first floor space.

The design of the exhibit and production were devised around a simple and strong conceptual idea : making one single line of narration, allowing the visitor to stroll along the landscape of imageries featured.

The Exhibition design & graphic design

Using black as background as a reminder of the exhibition theme and material (the photographic roll), the design of the exhibition also used the Rockwell typeface as a wink to Ilford, a photographic roll manufacturer.

Graphic design plays a big role in the exhibition space but does not overrule the concept of the exhibition. With a system of alignment of images within the black background, information

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