Erik Dhondt

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Erik Dhont is a Landscape Architect based in Brussels, Belgium. Since the beginning of his practice in 1989 he has worked on a large variety of projects, and he established a client network throughout Europe and overseas. Coast has created his identity and website.

Landscape architecture as a form of art.

Erik Dhont portfolio includes many works such as gardens, farmyards, urban development projects and Landscape restorations, in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, California and the Azores. These commissions come both from private individuals and public institutions, and each one of them, with their complex set of demands and challenges, represents a unique chance to explore reality from various angles and with various means: drawings, collages, models, installations, movies, and first of all, gardens. Erik Dhont sees Garden design as a form of art, and he embraces it with imagination in order to give the clients a place to dream.

For Erik Dhont Gardens are not only places to enjoy and appreciate life, but also places to grow and heal. His design emphasis is always on the process of discovering and conceptualizing elements from the past with the practical demands imposed by the present.

A name that says it all

Erik Dhondt has built a name over the years of creative work within the community of renowned architects. Its portfolio achievement bears witness to this. Nevertheless, his attitude remains very humble and his vision of the world remains intact. Our identity and website design reflect this state of mind : a strong and clear personality and a poetic approach to architectural matter.

The website flow has been divided by major themes reflecting the architectural work. Like a book, chapter expresses a feeling than rather a list of projects.

A grid system with flexible flow

To avoid the rigid layout of a portfolio website and to relate to the poetic approach to the practice, we worked on a checkerboard flexible content grid.

The website is an invitation to visit locations by feeling. Images are conducting the flow while text expresses each location main information.


The use of one typeface, the numbering of a project and a specific layout makes the practice brand signature recognisable.

The result is a soft flow and poetic website.

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