La Grande Épicerie de Paris

Repositioning creative strategy

In 2012 we were appointed to redefine the commercial proposal for La Grande Epicerie de Paris, an iconic emblem of French gastronomy in the heart of Saint Germain des Près at Le Bon Marché.

Iconic but in need of a total makeover

Located in the historic shopping mecca of Le Bon Marché, la Grande Epicerie de Paris is considered one of the most iconic, qualitative and experiential supermarket in Paris. When Patrice Wagner (CEO of le Bon Marché — Part of the LVMH Group) asked the creative team to work on the global rework of the concept (architecture & tone of voice), the location was in poor state : from floor to ceiling, La grande Epicerie de Paris had lost her soul and a full refurbishment was needed.

For the occasion, we founded DFC : a joint venture between Delacroix Friant architects and Coast to define a total concept in a global way. Our first step: analyze the proposal and unveil a new concept, namely “The most beautiful market in France”.

6 Months of design work

The work carried out took 6 months: from the constitution of the team to the creation of mood boards and architectural drawings and intents in signage, all commercial touchpoints of La Grande Epicerie de Paris were analyzed, conceptualized and integrated. Kevin Roche, head of the architectural development for the LVMH Group was the initiator of that great partnership work.

Working hand in hand with the internal architecture office at La Grande Epicerie de Paris, we followed the progress of the development plans and delivered at the end of our creative process a style guide for future use.

A great result

The team of architects completes the work by applying the principles, reassessing the technical problems and the circulation of the place. The result: a modern market place, premium stalls and the pleasure of strolling like in the most beautiful market in France.

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