Communication identity of Nox, Nancy Opera Experience

Nox Stands for Nancy Opera Experience. Nurtured & concieved by Matthieu Dussouillez, director of the Opera National de Lorraine, Nox is about expressing the opera culture in new contemporary territories. For the first Nox, the Opéra national de Lorraine brings together international artists invited to express their vision of Nancy: the sound director Chloé Kobuta (France), the composer Paul Brody (United-States), the stage director Kevin Barz (Germany), with the help of the stage director David Marton (Hungary).

Nox, opera experience

Visiting new territories, asking questions, the Nox experience is about going to the boundaries of the Opera discipline. The first edition of Nox was conceived during Covid. For this edition, the full Opera experience was only accessible online featuring locations in Nancy.

Are you in Love?

“Are you in love?”, is the indiscreet question Chloé Kobuta asked the people of Nancy. From the summer of 2019 to the winter of 2020, she walked the streets of Nancy, collecting amusing, sad, tragic, tender, passionate, trivial or unusual stories from those whose paths she crossed: night birds haunting the streets of the Old Town, octogenarians dancing in the Pépinière park, taxi drivers navigating the boulevards, old ladies shopping at the supermarket or young mothers walking their children… From those locations (a Bus Shelter, a parking lot...), opera films where produced to be viewed online.

The website, developped by Tentwelve is a map of Nancy, including all locations and film sequences. Visitors can have a full opera experience on site and online.

All films are freely experienced online, while a specific signage has been produced to hightlight the different films made on location.

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