Tein Technology

Rebranding of technology control leader

Tein Technology is a leading-edge integrator of Command & Control Centers for mission critical environments: financial trading rooms, traffic control for road, rail and waterways, port monitoring, city surveillance and public transport. Tein Technology mission is to enhance operational efficiency and resilience by streamlining core control and surveillance platforms in a secure, future-focused and cost-effective manner.

A rebrand to engage the company for the next 20 years.

Tein Telecom was founded in 1913 and was one of the first companies in Belgium organising internal telephone networks. Today, the company has extended its knowledge to equip complex and mission critical environments. These include cities, ports, motorways, railways, waterways, and financial trading rooms. They integrate technologies such as video, voice and radio with enhanced data and deliver customised, flexible solutions. Our rebranding and advisory of renaming was purposeful : to change its description to much more than telecoms and to develop a standard sign of quality. The goal was to make an impact on the company’s perception of the future of the organisation. By changing Tein Telecom to Tein Technology, the new identity aims to shows a future-proof vision in a highly competitive market.

The logotype structure:

Connected intelligence

The structure of the logotype follows a single line. Forming the double T for Tein Technology, it represents the connection between elements. A source of what the company stands for: connecting their customers to their surveillance and mission critical work.

The new identity to inspire

With its new logotype and new connected line system, Tein Technology is vibrant with a new complementary palette of bright orange and dark grey.

The identity reflects the company structured intelligence services : from a problem, multiple solutions are applied to drive solutions for our future smart cities, intelligent traffic solutions, innovative maritime technologies and efficient technologies.

Four focus areas

Tein Technology is present on 4 essential markets: The smart cities where they deliver end-to-end surveillance solutions in urban environments, Industries where they provide world-class critical voice-and video solutions, creating mission-critical communication systems that live up to the highest possible standards, the traffic where they deliver and integrate video, voice and WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) platforms in the main traffic centers within the Smart Mobility concept, and the maritime sector where they integrate AIS (Automatic Identification System), radio and video solutions into the maritime control centers (harbours and inland waterways) to improve the safety of maritime traffic.

The system works.

With its straightforward action, the system works as a powerful tool of expression. Within the company communication, we play on the striking color code and logotype structure to reinforce the inspiring vision behind the brand.

Design to reinforce the trust in the company’s high quality service was part of our rebranding goal. By updating the company visual identity we have reached their quality standards as one of the most innovative technological company working in mission critical environments.

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