Twyce Architects

Branding and website design

Twyce architects is an architecture studio made up of two partners. Combining architecture and engineering within the same roof, we symbolized this in an identity dedicated to the idea of ​​the duo.

A logo for a duo

Visualizing the idea of the duo, as well in terms of disciplines and practices, is the concept behind the logotype. The identity puts the function of duo teamwork (architects-engineers) in an aesthetic logic which refers to the quality of execution, the precision of decisions, and the intellectual nature of the architectural process.

The identity implementation is sleek and modern. Integrated in the website is also the narrative behind the duo : an architectural practice with multiple services and visions. The website is divided by theme.

From theme to theme, the architectural practice reveals its different points of views about space planning, architecture, social issues, sustainability and education on a website divided by sections.

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