Belgian National Orchestra

Once Upon a Time... Campaign 24/25

“Once upon a time” is the 24-25 seasonal theme of the Belgian national Orchestra.

To engage audience, we visually deployed the coming to life of 4 dream-like imagescapes (one per season). The visuals express the birth of a story, allowing the viewer to imagine what will come next. The first visual launches the season of stories.

We opted for a maximalised visual surface occupation. Layouts were stripped to the bare communication essentials. Leaving room for interpretation.

The idea behind the visual strategy is to apply layers of visual texture across all communication channels, establishing a cohesive and recognizable communication identity. This approach creates a transversal code, a consistent visual language, that can be easily adopted and implemented by the client's internal team. The primary objective is to empower the client with the autonomy to maintain and evolve their communication tools without continuous external assistance.

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