Kavarna Stesti

Global concept for Lucky Chance Cafes in Czech Republic

Located in Czech Republic, the Kavarna Stesti is a chain of cafes created for the Czech Republic National Lottery. Our work was to create the full narrative concept and implementation of a range of cafes where people can play while enjoying good food and good coffee.

Coffee and Cafes, an institution in Czech Republic

With the average annual consumption of 3 kg of coffee, Czechs rank among the world average with Scandinavian countries topping the list with about 10 kg per head. It is with this fact that the National Lottery wanted to enter the market : creating a space to enjoy coffee and play their games.

With our partners in architecture DFC, the First step was to create, under one Flagship location, a full retail concept : from the entrance to the split of the multiple retail zones and experiences.

Branding for the National Lottery

The key color code of the National Lottery was applied to the Kavarna Stesti identity. Using bright yellow dots and a combination of the iconic Smiley family we have created, the Kavarna Stesti brand is fresh for an highstreet consumer in search for fun in a relaxed environment.

Feeling lucky

Luck and happiness do not come always together. You can play, but you can loose. For Kavarna Stesti a campaign about luck was set. Because even when you play and loose, would will always find comfort in a good cup of coffee at Kavarna Stesti.

With all retail principles and design concepts achieved, we’ve created an architectural and brand bible for the implementation by a local partner.

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