Modul R.

Education Program Architecture System Identity


The Modul R system is an architectural program launched by The Federation Wallonie Bruxelles to build new prefabricated schools. After winning the call for projects, we teamed up with architecture practice Matador + Kis to develop the naming, branding and signage program.

Modul R. is Modular The modular system created by the architects for the new school program of Brussels and Wallonia is structured on a square and flexible grid. Like the system, our identity works in a modular way. Placed randomly on the surface of a field, the square classrooms are applied in the know of each local needs, location and behaviour. The graphic system is the visual translation of the program.

The Modul R graphic identity is flexible like the architecture program. The open logotype and grid are applied on various elements of communication. The logotype and typeface is using a monospace type, playing on a grid structure.

To introduce the program to the public, schools directors & decision makers, a day of workshop was organised. A game, featuring the program elements was presented as a way to educate the newcomers to the system. Made of small scale wooden blocks, the game was also a gift to take home and play the game of school.

The program rules are introduced in a leaflet, soon to be adapted online to help decisionners building their schools program online.

The identity is flexible as the Modul R system

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