Opera National de Lorraine

Light Season 2021/2022

The central theme of the 2122 opera season’s programmation was confinement… With the previous season being cancelled because of the pandemic, a switch was necessary: focus on the positive instead. In each scheduled opera, characters have to cope with confinement before deliverance. Breaking free and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, or in one word “Lumière !” was the Opera answer to the re-opening of culture.

Breaking free litterally and figuratively

The idea of confinement and breaking free is inspired by city fly-posting. These thick layers of paper, randomly degraded by weather or torn-off by passers-by, offer humble and unique visual patterns. Random failures, accidental and incidental deterioration leading to unexpected abstract compositions, just waiting for someone to be noticed. As if a life underneath was trying to break free…

Cut-out design / emotional feel

A serie of self cut-out papers were photographed and used as surfaces of expression. Each opera having its own identity and message, we worked on pictures evoquing an emotional feel rather than a descriptive idea.

The campaign is about Light and the freedom to break free. Posters have been designed as a creative liberation of the usual grid.

The 2021/22 campaign is an ode to freedom. Expressed on the program cover : the idea to swith on, to open back culture.

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